As a medium-sized or small enterprise, you find yourself eye to eye with competitors on the other side of the globe. New digital technologies and the rapidly growing e-commerce put pressure on your company. Everything has to be faster, cheaper and more sustainable. How can your company make the difference for your customers? How can you align your internal processes with their changing needs? How can you keep your SME competitive and with a healthy profitability? V-Chain, located in Luxembourg, offers powerful solutions to these challenges. With the focus on your processes, and a versatile ERP system as the foundation.

SAP recognises V-Chain as Gold Partner

V-Chain is an official SAP Gold Partner for SAP Business One. “This recognition by SAP confirms that we are on the right track,” says Philippe Hamtiaux, managing partner of V-Chain Luxembourg.

V-Chain optimises business processes and workflows in SMEs. It builds robust solutions based on SAP Business One. “Our turnover has grown significantly over the past year,” says Philippe Hamtiaux. “Our consultants have obtained a series of new certificates. We’ve focused on strategic products such as HANA and Cloud. We’re proud to see that our strategy is bearing fruit.”


ERP is the backbone of your SME business.

Integrated processes ensure greater efficiency, more flexibility and better customer service.

Ecosystems are the key to success.

As an SME, it is in your interest to integrate your ERP with the systems of partners and customers.
Electronic exchange of information with your ecosystem encourages you to standardise your processes. This makes them more efficient, more manageable and more cost-effective.

SMEs must embrace new digital technologies.

Your customers are looking for information and suppliers in new ways. Without a digital strategy, you risk losing market share. Digital technology improves the customer experience, optimises operational processes and helps you introduce new business models.

Project management reduces risks, cuts costs and improves success rates

Project management is the organization, planning and control of projects. It enables you to identify and controls risk, and manage change. It ensures that project knowledge is captured and managed, and that lessons are learnt from success and failure.


V-Chain optimises business processes and workflows in SMEs. We build solid solutions based on SAP Business One.

  • TECHNOLOGICALLY AND FUNCTIONALLY INNOVATIVE.As a global market leader, SAP has more than 200,000 SME customers. SAP Business One is designed for small organisations and has more than 50,000 customers in 150 countries. Thanks to this scale, SAP invests heavily in innovation – more than any other competitor. SAP Business One thus paves the way for your growth.
  • OFFERS YOU MAXIMUM CONTROL.SAP Business One brings all your business information together in a single system for all your key processes, including CRM and e-commerce.
  • TOP PRODUCT.SAP Business One scores highly in terms of ease of use, integration possibilities and total cost of ownership. Via a web browser or apps it can also be accessed from your iPhone or iPad.
  • IN THE CLOUD.SAP Business One Cloud offers the full functionality for SMEs that do not want to invest in their own infrastructure and IT know-how.
  • YOUR ALLY IN DECISIONS.SAP Business One supports you with strategic and operational decisions thanks to the integrated business intelligence.
  • IMPLEMENTED AND READY TO USE IN 4 TO 12 WEEKS.This is ensured among other things by numerous best practices and specific solutions for a variety of sectors.

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The V-Chain team

The V-Chain team brings together 20 experts in SAP consultancy. The Luxembourg site opened in the autumn of 2014. In January 2016, the Belgian branch of V-Chain was set up. The V-Chain experts have on average ten years of experience in at least one of our focus areas. We believe firmly in technology specialists who have the process knowledge to accelerate the return on an IT investment, and in business experts with a feeling for how technology can help their company perform better.

Philippe Hamtiaux is in charge of V-Chain in Luxembourg. Philippe has +15 years of expertise as a company director and is well acquainted with the business challenges in many sectors. In 2005, he was in charge of another start-up: together with a couple of partners, he founded E-Chain Management in Luxembourg and developed it into a consultancy business and SAP partner with +100 employees.

Gumption group

V-Chain is associated with Gumption. As a business xcelerator, Gumption supports young, independent niche players in the consultancy business. Its members share a common vision and set of values, and offer complementary competences and solutions. Together, the Gumption companies have +350 collaborators.

Automate your equipment rental processes?

V-Chain is partner of Resolv. Resolv Equipment Rental tracks and manages your rental processes, integrating equipment rental tracking with SAP Business One. Learn more?